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ComputerPlayer001 is the friend of Kushowa, THE GREAT DEMON, Supermegaspidermoon and FranDoesGames.

Channel Description


My name is ComputerPlayer001. But you guys can call me "Computer" because you know, ComputerPlayer001 is a big mouth full.

On this channel I make reaction videos suggested by you the fans at home, the most votes gets the video reacted to. I DON'T pick spammers, I DON'T pick people who start conversations, I DON'T pick fanboys, and I DON'T pick haters. Sometimes I react to videos that I picked, and some that has one vote.

I also have another series called My Thoughts which I give out my personal opinions on anything that's going around the web. The ratings are disabled and you can write your criticism in the comments I just explained my thoughts.


Special Videos to make you chuckle. (Freelance Editing on the Side)

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