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Kushowa Live Streaming on Twitch Right Now! 4/1/16 - Ended (also known as Kushowa Live Streaming on Twitch Right Now! food 123 3010- YES!YES!YES! for April Fools title) is the episode of Kushowa Live Streaming, and the 2016 April Fool's Day special.


  • This is first live streaming during April Fool's Day.


Kushowa: !eviF hgiH !ereht uoy teem ll'i dna woleb nowd knil eht kcilc oS !won thgir gnimaerts evil m'i dnA .awohsuK s'ti ,sretsis dna srehtord ym olleH

(backwards of this transcript: "Hello my brothers and sisters, it's Kushowa. And i'm live streaming right now! So click the link down below and i'll meet you there! High Five!")


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